Gazing at the flame far away, with people miles away


Earth Light Project aims to create a symbol
of humanity confronting the world’s division.

June 2021, in Japan, we will launch a candle and an igniter
to the stratosphere using a “Space Balloon”.
Imagine a single flame lighting
in front of the Earth and the space.
Now imagine, sharing the moment of the flame lighting up,
with people around the world
who share their hopes to understand one another beyond our differences.
Our prayer is to share this moment with you,
and with the rest of the world.

Watch live: launching and igniting the “Earth Light”

Imagine a moment, where people from all around the world share the same view and feeling.
A moment shared regardless of gender, age, language, ethnicity, race of nationality.
Earth Light Project will broadcast a livestream to reconnect the world in 2021.

Event schedule may change due to weather concerns.
We will be updating information via SNS and email.

Watching the candle light glow in front of the Earth, and sharing the moment with someone on the other side of the planet. The experience would remind us to reunite as one species, as we did in the Olympics and Paralympic Games.
The light up will be done by sending the ignition equipment to outer space on a balloon.
We will be live streaming the launch and ignition through YouTube Live, to share the moment with the supporters and participants around the globe.

Time Table

Commentary and explanation from the technology team
Pre-launch Ceremony
Performances by artists
Broadcasting of the video messages from around the world
Igniting the Earth Light Flame
The dates are subject to change due to weather


Option 3:Join by Sending a Message

We are hoping to collect and combine messages from around the world to create one YouTube live broadcast. As such, we would like to ask your support in sending your video or picture message. Please send us your thoughts on division and borderless connection via link below.
Any information not included in the video or picture will not be publicized.

Sending a message

Event - 3 Steps -

  1. Step1


    Candle Night


  2. Step2


    YouTube Live


    ※The timetable is subject to change

  3. Step3


    Earth Light Relay

    Coming Soon


Candle Night

“Light our Candles, Connect your Hopes”
Creating the “Earth Light Candle” by collecting candles from all around the world

A live stream will be taking place via ZOOM, where youth from all around the world will participate with their candles lights.
With John Lennon’s “Imagine” as the theme song, participants will gather and share their thoughts and hopes and prayers towards resolving division.
The purpose of the event will be to connect the world by igniting a candle, and also to create the “Earth Light Candle,” a candle made by melting and combining candles collected from around the world. The “Earth Light Candle” will then be launched to the stratosphere to create the movement Finale.

How You Can Join

There are 3 ways to be a part of the candle movement

  1. Purchasing/Sending your candle to Earth Light Project
  2. Participating in the Online Candle Night Event (Apr. 4, 2021 (JST))
  3. Sending/Singing your original songs, and a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Participation by the above would connect you with Earth Light Project’s global community

  • Send
    Your Song
  • Join
    the Event
  • Send Back
    Your Candle

Planning on the day


※The timetable is subject to change

Youth from all over the globe will light their candles, and gather online.
Participants will drop into the online atmosphere of live music and candle lights.
Imagining a world


Option 1:Creating the Earth Light

The event however, does not end here.
After the event, the candles lit by the participants around the world will be collected and melted down to make one "World Candle". The candle then will be used as part of the fuel for the “Earth Light”, a flame that will be launched into the stratosphere to symbolize our borderless hopes and wishes.
Please come and join the movement with us by applying to send your candles

※Candles are sold via Indiegogo (Please check the link below)
※If bought personally, the candle must be a Paraffin Wax Made Candle

  1. Step 1:
    Buy Your Candle

    Step 1: Buy Your Candle
  2. Step 2:
    Join the Event

    Step 2: Join the Event
  3. Step 3:
    Send Back Your Candle

    Step 3: Send Back Your Candle
Deadline: April 3rd, 2021 (JST) For Supporters in Japan
Deadline: April 3rd, 2021 (JST) For Global Supporters

Option 2:Sing your Song of Peace

We will also be collecting songs from artists around the world as we celebrate this moment of peace.
The songs in which will be collected are:

  1. A cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”
  2. Original songs dedicated to borderless peace and confronting division.

The songs collected will be edited and combined into a single movie shown at the event.

※Please note that there will be a possibility of the clip not being used in the film

EarthLight Relay

Global Virtual Torch Relay
“A Challenge to Connect the World With a Single Flame”

The Olympic Torch formerly was passed around the world to spread the “Festival of Peace” across countries. Today, our torch does not travel around the world.
We, the Earth Light Project, hope to regain the torch relay that travels across borders, with your help.
The image of our “Earth Light” will travel and ignite the hopes towards peace.
Details will be sent to participants of Earth Light Project Events in April and May.


  • Tsuzuki Norihiko
    Tsuzuki Norihiko
  • Sugimoto Takaki
    Executive Director
    Sugimoto Takaki
  • Kawase Motoki
    Technology PMO
    Kawase Motoki
  • Fukazawa Aya
    Promotion Director
    Fukazawa Aya
  • Ishibashi Takuma
    Promotion Director
    Ishibashi Takuma
  • Hara Minori
    Promotion Director
    Hara Minori

Dream Supporter

  • Yamazaki Naoko
    Yamazaki Naoko
  • Hanaoka Nobukazu
    Paralympian (Wheelchair Racing)
    Hanaoka Nobukazu
  • Ono Masahiro
    Ono Masahiro
  • Masuda Akemi
    Los Angeles Olympic Marathon,
    National Player (Japan)
    Sports Journalist
    Masuda Akemi
  • Mizuguchi Tetsuya
    CEO of Enhance
    Keio University Project Professor
    Mizuguchi Tetsuya